Questions to ask your Stylist

Questions to ask your Stylist

Once you’ve found a quality hair stylist to work with, it’s important that you’re able to have a very open communication between each other. It never hurts to build a friendship with your stylist as it makes trips to the salon much more friendly and personal. In fact a lot of women often times manage to talk to their stylists about any and everything once they sit in the chair! When you have a stylist that you like and truly connect with, there are definitely some questions you’ll want to ask. While your hairstylist may become a good friend it’s important that you can have hair-based conversation as well!

Below are some questions you will want to ask your hairstylist at some point in time:

1. What new cut would suit me?

A lot of times women go into a salon wanting a new look after having the same haircut and style for a little while. This new look is often achieved by cutting your hair. If you’ve become accustomed to your stylist and vice versa, she will have a good idea of what type of cut may give your hair that extra spark. Considering your face shape and other factors, your hairstylist should know the type of cut that will be extremely flattering. If you’ve been eyeing a specific haircut it never hurts to bring in a picture! Visual aids make the hair cutting process a lot easier for your hairstylist.

2. How do I maintain or improve my hair’s health at home?

A lot of women are unaware of how to really keep their hair healthy. Sadly your hairstylist can’t do everything so once you leave the salon your hair’s health is in your own hands. After seeing your stylist a few times she should be well aware of your hair type, the texture, and any problems you may have such as breakage, thin hair and so on. Your stylist should be able to direct you to products you can purchase that will keep your hair healthy and beautiful looking. Most salons offer a wide range of products that may be useful.

3. I want a new look without cutting my hair – is it possible?

Cutting your hair isn’t the only way to give you a new look! Variety is definitely available when it comes to hairstyling. If you have a certain cut now, your stylist may be able to show you some easy ways to change it up for a night out. You can also consider getting highlights, lowlights, or changing your hair color. It all depends on what type of look you’re going for and how much change you really want to see.

Remember, your hair stylist should be easy to talk to and personable. Find a hair stylist you like and develop a relationship that allows you to have a pretty strong level of trust and comfort. You should be able to ask your stylist anything, especially when it comes to your hair.

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