Greater Community in Redmond

Ladies, its time for a well known game. In a moment, we want you to think about anything BUT an awesome haircut. Please don’t envision how your hairstylist created it to perfectly shape your face with incredible texture. And DEFINITELY don’t think about the connection between that awesome haircut and the inner confidence you’ll have in the weeks following your new haircut.

Ready? Set? Go! ….

Great you are done!!!

Now, what did you think of while reading that? Our guess, AN AWESOME HAIRCUT!

Next game. In a moment think of ANYTHING BUT a flower pot full of rich organic soil, loaded with all the essential nutrients needed to grow a seed to full blossom and beauty.  Definitely don’t think about that encouraging caregiver who day-in and day-out seems to have the seeds best interest in mind, always celebrating every noticeable growth in the journey from seed to full blossom.

Ready? Set? Go! ….

Great you are done!!!

Now. What did you think of while reading that? Our guess, THINKSPACE!

Have you heard of Thinkspace? If not, you must go check them out.. like right NOW (don’t worry, we trust our friends over there will let you come back and finish this article):!

Have a business idea that is just a seed? Need to plant that seed? Plant it at Thinkspace! Walk through the doors and you are greeted with positive energy and confidence that is rare to find. Be inspired. Be encourage. Be planted at Thinkspace!

Today, writing extraordinaire Kristin Eide of Thinkspace, posted an interesting article on Options to Avoid the 520 Bridge Tolling

I love the vision and commitment to Redmond found in point #3. Those of us who live and do life in Redmond should feel very fortunate to have this business community in Redmond, Washington! Here at C. Joy Salon, we are inspired by our neighbors and hope to play a part in creating a greater sense of community!

Kristin & Thinkspace you posted “I am asking for your support”…….You have ours!

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