I Got Eyelash Extensions

About 4 months ago, I got lash extensions for the first time. The experience of getting my new eyelash extensions was relaxing and totally pain-free. I wrote this short article titled What Is The Application Process Like For Eyelash Extensions to help you understand the experience of getting lash extensions.

Before getting lash extensions I wasn’t feeling like my eyelashes were lacking. I felt like I had a fair amount of eyelashes and that they were an okay length. I decided to get eyelash extensions because at the time, I was considering eyelash extensions as a new services to be offered at C. Joy Salon. I didn’t want to offer something at the salon that I hadn’t experienced first hand.

Having had them for four months now, I am totally hooked. I will continue to get my eyelash extensions re-filled because I’m in LOVE with them!  I love waking up and looking bright eyed and put together.  This has definitely cut down on the amount of time I spend getting ready for my day in the morning. No more mascara, enough said right there!  I can cry like a baby and there are no black streaks streaking down my cheeks.

The timing for getting eyelash extensions for me personally was perfect. I’m four in a half months pregnant right now.  I’m not feeling my sexiest.  Having long, full, thick extravagant eyelashes has definitely helped bring my sexy back!

I am every happy to say that our salon is now offering Eyelash Extensions! If you want more information, please check out our new Eyelash Extensions website page!

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