Holistic Solutions to Hair Health Concerns

Nutrition For Healthy Hair Part Two

A Healthy Hair Perspective From Jennifer Jordan, A Seattle Area Certified Nutritionist

For Part One of This Article By Jennifer Jordan Click Here: A Healthy Body and Healthy Hair 

The Top 3 Concerns + Holistic Solutions:

#1 Premature Graying
Premature graying is caused by a nutrient deficiency, usually surrounding B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and trace minerals.


  • Mucuna Pruriens: This superfood is high in the enzyme catalase, which is what prevents your hair from turning gray.  It is also significantly high in human growth hormone, which is your body’s natural anti-aging fighter!
  • Real Sea Salt:  Sea salt (not to be confused with table salt) contains over 80 trace minerals.  I recommend my nutrition clients to put a pinch of sea salt in every liter of H20 they drink.  Not only will the trace minerals boost your hair health, but it will also provide you with superior hydration and a metabolic boost.
  • Bee Pollen:  Bee = B Vitamins!  Bee pollen is packed with B vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and is known in many cultures as “the fountain of youth”.  To assist with seasonal allergies, seek out local bee pollen (found at most health food stores).
  • Ground flax seeds:  Ground flax seeds are the most superior way to take a flax nutritional supplement as it is the only form that contains anti-cancer phytoestrogens.  (This is SO important for women!) Flax is high in the essential fatty acid ALA (alphalinolenic acid), and is best when found in organic + sprouted form.

#2 Hair Loss
Hair loss can be the result of malnourishment and clogging of the hair follicle.  Hair loss is also caused by weakened kidney function, which as we learned above is directly related to the cleanliness & circulation of our blood.


  • To maintain a healthy follicle, eliminate mucus-forming foods such as: pasteurized dairy products, gluten, meat, and cooked oils.  For cooking on high heat, only coconut oil should be used.
  • To purify your blood, chlorophyll is a must!  Chlorophyll is one of the most valuable nutritional compounds found in the green leaves of plants and grasses. It is almost identical to hemoglobin, the compound in our bodies that transports oxygen in the blood.  Remember oxygen rich blood = Improved circulation, balanced ph and healthy kidney function!   Chlorophyll is instantly available to your body when taken in liquid form.  The easiest way to get your fix?  Cruise into your local juice bar for a double shot of wheatgrass!

#3 Dry & Damaged Hair
Dry & damaged hair relates to nutritional deficiencies (see #2), but can also be traced to a lack of sulfur in the body.  Sulfur is one of the most important mineral compounds, and is known to be one of the most beautifying food nutrients in the world. Sulfur plays an integral role in cellular detoxification, collagen production (buh-bye botox), hair, skin and nails.  Sulfur helps our body to build keratin, which translate to lustrous hair.


  • Consume foods rich in sulfur, such as:  Spirulina, bee pollen, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, garlic, hemp seeds, kale, mustard leaves, cauliflower, onions, pumpkin seeds, radishes and watercress.
  • Take MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) supplements, which is an organic form of sulfur.  Consult your holistic healthcare provider for specific recommendations.

Part Three of this article will include Universal Principles for Healthy Hair!

To your GLOW!
Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the Chief Exercise Officer at For the Glow, and is a women’s fitness expert, certified nutritionist (holistic, raw, sports) and detox specialist. 

Jennifer teaches fitness & nutrition classes in the Seattle area, and is an online coach to clients around the globe. 

For more healthy living tips, or to contact Jennifer, visit http://everydayglow.com

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