A Healthy Body and Healthy Hair

Nutrition For Healthy Hair Part One

A Healthy Hair Perspective From Jennifer Jordan, A Seattle Area Certified Nutritionist

When I see clients for nutritional consultations one of the first things I analyze is hair health.  Hair & fingernails are two areas of the body that are the last to receive nutrients.  In fact, unless your body has a surplus of nutrients, your hair and nails will go without.  When a client comes to me with dull, lackluster hair, I know she is nutrient deficient without even seeing her food journal.   In western medicine unhealthy hair is usually brushed off (no pun intended) as a concern related to vanity.  However as a holistic nutritionist, I see it as a serious underlying imbalance within the body.  From brittle hair to premature graying or hair loss, nutrition can play a huge role in restoring your hair to a vibrant and healthy condition.  Not to mention, improving your nutrition to achieve a gorgeous mane will also give you a gorgeous body to match!  Along with improved energy, a strong immune system and superior health!

The Top 3 Areas of Your Body that Pertain to Hair Health:

The Lymphatic System
My nutrition guru David Wolfe says, “Hair is an agricultural crop that has its roots in lymphatic soil beneath the skin.  The most important aspect of rehabilitating hair is to cleanse, purify, and nourish the body, blood, and lymphatic system”.  Translation:  Exercise to stimulate your lymph system, go for regular massages (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) and perform seasonal cleanses to rid your body of toxins.

In traditional Chinese medicine, thinning hair suggests kidney weakness.  The kidneys perform many functions in your body, but primarily work to keep your blood clean and chemically balanced.  Translation:  The kidneys are responsible for clearing out the waste in our blood that occurs from our food intake.  By consuming a natural foods, organic, plant-based diet we can reduce the stress on this important organ.

Ph Levels
ph balance is the measure of acidity in our body, and dictates the amount of oxygen in our blood.  An ideal ph level for the human body is somewhere between 7.0-7.5.  A shift below this (acidic) puts our body into a vulnerable position, making our cells porous and susceptible to disease.   Translation:  Acidic states cause premature aging and a weakened immune system.  By shifting our diet to one that is rich in alkaline-forming foods, we can maintain healthy and stable ph levels.

Part Two of this article will include Holistic Solutions to the Top Three Hair Healthy Concerns!

To your GLOW!
Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the Chief Exercise Officer at For the Glow, and is a women’s fitness expert, certified nutritionist (holistic, raw, sports) and detox specialist. 

Jennifer teaches fitness & nutrition classes in the Seattle area, and is an online coach to clients around the globe. 

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