Principles for Healthy Hair

Nutrition For Healthy Hair Part Three

A Healthy Hair Perspective From Jennifer Jordan, A Seattle Area Certified Nutritionist

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Universal Principles for Healthy Hair

  • Take a food-based (no synthetics!) daily multi-vitamin.  My top pick is Garden of Life Vitamin Code.
  • Fat is your friend!  Use a variety of cold-pressed oils (olive, hemp, sesame) to dress your salads, enjoy ground flax in smoothies, and snack on mineral rich nuts and seeds.  Don’t forget coconut oil, which is an important medium-chain fatty acid, and probably deserves a blog post all of its own!
  • Taste the Rainbow:  To ensure you get a wide range of nutrients, aim to fill your plate with foods from every color of the rainbow.
  • Steer clear of processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and these 5 nutrition no-no’s:  When you see “enriched”, “bleached”, “hydrogenated”, “sugar”, or any word you don’t recognize on a nutrition label…put it back on the shelf!
  • Perform seasonal nutritional cleanses to clear your body of toxins:  This does not = drink cayenne pepper & maple syrup for 40 days.  Be smart. A true cleanse comes from the produce department and is not found in any box, supplement store, or on any celebrity website.
  • Get your sweat on:  Keep your lymph system clear, circulation going, and stress down by getting your sweat on 4-5 times per week.

Last but not least, genetics can definitely play a role in your hair health, specifically in terms of balding and premature graying.  In other words, check out your family hair-health history before you consult your physician.  I hope you enjoyed these healthy-hair tips.  With sound nutrition, and a little glam from the team at Carolann’s, I know you’ll have the hair of your dreams in no time!

To your GLOW!
Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the Chief Exercise Officer at For the Glow, and is a women’s fitness expert, certified nutritionist (holistic, raw, sports) and detox specialist. 

Jennifer teaches fitness & nutrition classes in the Seattle area, and is an online coach to clients around the globe. 

For more healthy living tips, or to contact Jennifer, visit

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