5 Steps to Give Your Hair More Body

How To Get More Body In Your Flat Hair

 Add volume to flat hair with these smart styling tips from our Redmond Hairstylist Ashley  

As a stylist I get asked all the time “How can I have more body in my hair?” A simple solution is to back comb!

Follow the five simple steps I’ve listed below.

Step 1) Take a 2” section on top of your head a little more then half way back from your forehead; hold it straight up and hairspray at the roots.

Step 2) Using a fine tooth comb or small bristle brush start at the roots and push down.  Keep moving farther up until you reach mid way. The higher you go up the more backing combing and height you will get.  Be sure to pull your comb or brush out of your hair after each time you push down.

Step 3) Take a section behind the first one and repeat until you have back combed the crown of your head.  You can back comb on the sides as well to help give more body, it also helps with blending the top section.

Step 4) With your hands lay your hair back to the right position, then with your comb or brush begin lightly smoothing the top layer of your first section into the other sections.  Be sure you don’t take the back combing out by brushing too much.

Step 5) Finish with some hairspray to hold it in place. Now you have some amazing body in your hair!

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