Our Joy in Generosity

To the C. Joy Staff… It is so much more than a haircut and color.

Beauty for Women in Positive Transition

In the fall of 2012, we launched an exciting program for both C. Joy Salon clients and staff called “Beauty for Women in Positive Transition.” The program, Beauty for Women in Positive Transition, helps local women who are undergoing positive life transitions to feel confident, cherished and beautiful. This initiative was conceived in our strong desire to encourage, inspire and help local women coming out of sex trafficking, domestic violence and other devaluing situations.

With sponsorships from the C. Joy Salon clients, we are able to offer complimentary haircuts and hair color to women who are recommended by staff members of partnering organizations.

We believe women were created beautifully. Feeling this outer beauty stirs an inner confidence that is both inspiring and motivating. C. Joy Salon clients and staff believe the sparkle of peace and confidence that shines from one’s spirit should be shared. This program represents our journey as a salon to share our joy with hurt and lonely women, helping them find their sparkle of inner joy.

There are many ways you can get involved….

Become a sponsor:

With your help we will be able to offer these women the same beautiful experience that you enjoy here at C. Joy Salon. We hope that you will consider partnering with us to rekindle the sparkle of joy for local hurting women.

Join us in this journey by sponsoring a woman today! The sponsorship opportunities below are a great way for you to make a huge impact in someone’s life. For an incredibly low price you can treat a hurting woman to an uplifting, and often life-changing experience at C. Joy Salon.


For only $10 you can give the same shampoo, cut, and style that brings you joy.

Haircut & Color

For only $20 you can give a C. Joy signature haircut experience plus a color treatment.


We have an undying desire to encourage and inspire those in our community who need it the most. Women who qualify for our program will be coming out of lives filled with sex trafficking, domestic violence, and other heart-wrenching and detrimental situations. We are committed to providing these services to qualifying women who are in dire situations yet have shown a strong desire to make positive change starting with themselves first.

To recommend a candidate:

We only accept woman who are recommended by a staff member of the organizations we work with. To recommend someone, please complete our “Recommendation Application” available for download below.

We are currently receiving recommendations from the following organizations:

Friends of Youth, Redmond

YWCA Family Village, Redmond

When you recommend a candidate to us, we are beyond committed to:

  • Making each women feel welcomed and valued
  • Offering top customer service for each participant
  • Encouraging and inspiring each individual
  • Giving the 5-star C. Joy experience each and every one of our regular clients receives


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