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Eyelash Extensions in Bellevue

Benefits of Bellevue

Eyelash Extensions

  • Remove Mascara from Your Morning Routine!
  • Big Attention to Your Eyes, Little Work!
  • Cry and Cry Some More Without Smears!
  • Exercise, Sweat and Swim with Amazing Eyes!
  • Perfect for Big Events, Weddings, Interviews!
  • Look and Feel Completely Natural!

Eyelash Extensions Pricing

Full Lashes Set
Returning Clients Full Lashes Set

Eyelash extensions will fall out little by little every week. To keep a full look, touch-up is recommended every 1 to 4 weeks. This will vary depending on your after-care and the shedding cycle of your own natural lashes.

Touch-up within 1 week

Touch-up within 2 weeks

Touch-up within 3 weeks


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What is the Process Like?

Completely relaxing and with zero pain. Many of our clients fall asleep! Want a longer answer to this question? Find out exactly what the application process is like for eyelash extensions!

Are Bellevue Eyelash Extensions Right For You?

The eyes are the most captivating feature of a woman’s face. The eyes have been coined the “window to the soul.” Eyes are beautiful, expressive and show our emotions. However, the one thing that makes the eyes appear elegant is eyelashes. This is the key reason why women desire to have long eyelashes. In fact, not all women are blessed with full, long eyelashes. Most women may think when looking at celebrities that all of them have a lustrous pair of eyelashes. But the fact is that not all such celebrities have naturally longer eyelashes. Many celebrities have resorted to eyelash extensions to achieve what nature didn’t give them. Eyelash Extensions make the eyes look seemingly fuller and elegant. Using Bellevue Eyelash Extensions one can create that lustrous aura and provide a natural definition to the eyes.

Why consider eyelash extensions?

Eyelashes increase the beauty of your eyes and make them appear more prominent. This is why mascara became so main stream. Every woman loves to emphasis the eyes. Eyelash extensions provide a semi-permanent solution for eyes that are less than you would like. They are the latest trend in the cosmetic world.

There are various ways to enhance your eyes. One method is by using false eyelashes but these become quite tiring to apply and remove after every usage. What if you could simply apply eyelash extensions once to get those semi-permanent luscious eyelashes that appear natural?
Bellevue Eyelash Extensions offers long, full eyelashes which will make your eyes appear elegant but without the hassle of putting on and taking out after each usage.

Process of applying eyelash extensions.

The installation of eyelash extensions is a very delicate process which involves individually gluing strands of synthetic eyelashes to the natural eyelash using a safe and non-toxic adhesive. This intensive procedure should only be done by certified and trained professionals in a relaxed salon environment. It typically requires around 2 hours to install a full set of eyelash extensions. They come in various sizes and hues which allow for a couple different style options. With our Bellevue Eyelash Extensions woman can rest peacefully while getting the lush eyelashes that all woman dream about.

A trained specialist will apply eyelash extensions so that they appear completely natural. A typical full set will require the use of about 50-85 individual lash strands. These beautiful eyelash extensions will eliminate your need for mascara. Regular touch up and maintenance will be required to maintain optimal appearance of your new eyelashes. Normally, Bellevue Eyelash Extensions last for several weeks when placed by our professionals.

Using eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty is a great option for your consideration. They are easy to maintain and appear to be 100% natural. Your eyes will look more radiant and healthy than ever before. This popular beauty technique will make you feel confident, and will enhance your already natural beauty. Don’t wait, get Bellevue Eyelash Extensions today!

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