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Eyelash Extensions for residents of Bothell Washington

Eyelash Extensions in Bothell

Benefits of Bothell

Eyelash Extensions

  • Dramatically emphasize your eyes!
  • Swim and cry worry free! No Runs!
  • Leave the gym with eyes as amazing as when you arrived at the gym!
  • Draw attention to your eyes!
  • Easy to wear and care for!


Eyelash Extensions Pricing

Full Lashes Set
Returning Clients Full Lashes Set

Eyelash extensions will fall out little by little every week. To keep a full look, touch-up is recommended every 1 to 4 weeks. This will vary depending on your after-care and the shedding cycle of your own natural lashes.

Touch-up within 1 week

Touch-up within 2 weeks

Touch-up within 3 weeks


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About Bothell Eyelash Extensions

Bothell Eyelash Extensions are an exciting and popular beauty trend for women who seek to make their eyes appear more attractive. Eyelash extensions give your eyes what nature didn’t give you. With eyelash extensions you can expect a natural look that is dramatically fuller, thicker and longer than your natural lashes. Without question, eyelash extensions are very popular these days because they do make your face look more beautiful. You will feel younger and look younger. Each day you wake up your eyes will look fresh and delightful with no effort at all. Friends, co-workers, and just about everyone else won’t be able to keep their eyes off you. It really is no wonder that so many women are addicted to this high end luxury service.

This enhanced, natural beauty is achieved through the delicate and intricate process of installing individual synthetic eyelash extensions directly to your natural eyelash, never to the skin. The synthetic hair is attached to your natural lash hair using a professional, medical grade adhesive. This adhesive or glue has an extremely high bonding capability which makes your new eyelash extensions bond to your natural eyelashes for their entire life cycle.

Did you know your eyelashes are constantly growing, falling out and growing again? Well, they are! This is your eyelashes natural life cycle. Generally the life cycle of your natural eyelash is 90-120 days, but there are many variables that can affect that such as genetics, lifestyle and general care of your eyelashes. Due to the fact that eyelash extensions are adhered directly to your natural lashes, they can only last as long as your natural eyelash will last. This is why they are called semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The adhesive used is permanent if you follow the aftercare guidelines, but eventually your natural eyelashes will fall out bringing your Bothell Eyelash Extensions with them.

Bothell Eyelash Extensions must be applied by a professional who is licensed and trained in applying eyelash extensions. C. Joy Salon takes pride in the quality of the synthetic eyelash extensions that we use and in the high level of certified training that we require our specialist to go through. Our professionals truly are experts in applying Bothell Eyelash Extensions. You must be careful to not trust one of the most delicate parts of your body to an untrained professional. Working in close proximity to your eyes with adhesives and tweezers is a task that should be only performed by a highly trained professional.

Our eyelash extensions have a natural looking curve so there is no need to use eyelash curlers. The adhesive we use is black resembling mascara so there is no need to wear mascara with eyelash extensions. You will find that swimming, showers, the spa, the gym and even crying are simply hassle and worry free. Our eyelash extensions are waterproof! The eyelash extensions are lightweight and natural looking which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. After our Bothell Eyelash Extensions are applied you will find that they are easy to wear and they make your eyes look incredibly beautiful.

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