A few Reasons to get a Brazilian Blowout

Need a reason to get a Brazilian Blowout? Here are a few:

  • to eliminate frizz
  • to add more shine
  • to relax super-curly hair
  • to use less hair care products
  • to decrease daily dry time by half
  • to have silky-smooth hair everyday
  • to free up more of your precious time
  • to lessen the affects of fog on your hair
  • to lessen the affects of humidity on your hair
  • to use less thermal styling tools such as flat irons
  • to have hair that is more closely wash and go hair
  • to make wavy hair straight but with a natural look to it
  • to achieve salon quality hair without all the hard work and time
  • to allow you to air-dry hair leaving it looking natural and frizz free
  • to be able to travel without lugging your styling aids all over the map with you
  • to have a smoothing treatment that does NOT contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde
  • to have a non permanent treatment that won’t give you roots in a few months that must be retouched
  • to grow your hair out faster, because you will have less split ends which won’t require you to trim as often
  • to make your hair healthier, even after the life of the Brazilian Blowout your hair will be healthier than before the treatment
  • Lastly because you want a treatment that allows you to style your hair, go swimming, wear a ponytail, put your sunglasses on top of your head, or tuck your hair behind your ears immediately after you walk out of the salon. IE No down time.

Results last up to 12 weeks. If you are interested in a Brazilian Blowout you can request an appointment now!

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