Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage!

It is very important to protect your hair from heat!

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons weaken and/or destroy vital proteins in your hair as well as deplete your hair’s natural oils.

Blow dry damage can be prevented by using products containing glycerin and propylene glycol because these actives retard water evaporation.

Iron damage can be reduced by using conditioners formulated with low molecular weight conditioners that can penetrate into the hair like cetrimonium chloride. Another study (see Reference 2) showed that exposing hair to heat in the presence of such a conditioning agent actually caused an increase in tensile strength (the force required to break a hair). This is because the heat reacts with the conditioning agents and cross links some of the protein chains inside the hair.

When Looking for thermal protector try finding a product with low alcohol content.

A few of my favorite protectors are by Pureology and Enjoy.

Pureology ColourStylist Fortifying Heat Spray

Thermo-protective spray with Xylose Sugar. Primes and protects hair up to 400ºF when using thermal styling tools. Mild hold.


Lightly mist on damp hair before styling.

Use as a foundation product and layer with other styling products

Antisplit Blowdry Styling Cream

Lightweight humidity resistant cream. Adds moisture and reflective shine for an effortless blow-dry. Mild hold.


Apply evenly to damp hair and blow-dry.

Tips: Massage into mid-lengths and ends to increase slip and prevent mechanical damage while blow-drying.

Enjoy Conditioning Spray

Protect your hair from blow drying, sun and other thermal services. Excellent for detangling, preserving hair color, hair smoothness and softness without weight or greasy feeling.


Towel dry hair, spray in, then comb or brush through hair.



The best part is that these products aren’t just going to keep your hair from getting fried, but they are also going to add shine, de-frizz, help straighten your hair or enhance natural curls — depending on the style you’re going for. Once applied, you can heat style your hair with confidence.

References (online links not available)

1. Gamez-Garcia, M. “The Cracking of Human Hair Cuticles by Cyclical Thermal Stresses,” J. Cosmetic Science, 49, 141-153 May/June 1998.

2. Ruetsch, S.B, et al, “Effects of Thermal Treatments with a Curling Iron on Hair Fiber,” J. Cosmetic Science, 55, 13-27 Jan/Feb 2004.

A Smooth Way To A Healthier Life

It seems as if there is a pill for everything these days.  Hair growth, weight loss, bad moods etc…

I am on a personal journey of finding my nutrients in the food I eat every day.  I am really enjoying becoming more aware of the things I put in my body and the affects they have on my health.  I have made it a family adventure and fun for my kids as well.  We started our “book of healthy foods” recently and it sure has been a hit!  My daughter says “I really don’t like the taste of this asparagus but I know how good it is for my body so it just became delicious!”

Keep on reading to learn about the ingredients of my daily beauty smoothie and the beauty benefits it’s naturally packed with!  Since you get most of the nutrients from vegetables and fruit when they are raw I find it easiest and most delicious to blend them all up into one fabulous smoothie. 

Start out with dark green raw vegetables.  Spinach, broccoli, bustle sprouts and kale are my basics.  Don’t get scared already, this really is a yummy treat once all the ingredients are together!

Let me tell you about all the hair and beauty nutrients packed into these dark green veggies.  They carry an abundant amount of vitamins A, C and E.  Our bodies need these vitamins to produce sebum which is the oily substance secreted by our hair follicles.  It’s our body’s natural hair conditioner.  Vitamin E will help increase the circulation of blood in the scalp, which can promote better and healthier hair growth.  Dark green vegetables also provide iron.  Some research shows that people with low iron in their blood often have hair loss.  However it is not safe to take iron supplements if it is not recommended by your doctor after having blood tests done.  Too much iron can lead to serious health problems.  Don’t forget about the calcium dark greens have.  Calcium is something all women should be getting for our bones but our hair also greatly benefits

Second most important beauty ingredient in my smoothie is two tablespoons of ground flaxseed.  Flaxseed is a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid.  This little wonder plant has SO many benefits it’s simply amazing!  For starters flaxseed supports a healthy scalp which is where healthy hair starts.  Because it has a combination of healthy fat, low carbohydrates and a high fiber content it makes a great food for weight loss and maintenance.  This is a key ingredient in keeping me feel full and satisfied throughout my nonstop go, go go day.   When I feel refreshed I do look refreshed!

Nuts are great for adding substance to your smoothie while providing many health benefits.  I personally add almonds.  Almonds are good for the heart, help with weight loss, help prevent constipation and add a boost of energy!  One more big benefit that I personally take serious due to the fact that Alzheimer’s disease runs in my family… research shows that by making almonds a part of your diet one can actually reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Now for the sweets and what turns this veggie filled drink into a treat…

Bananas help make the taste delicious and cancel out any bitterness!  They are great for the digestive system along with many other health benefits.  Then add a generous amount of berries.   I keep a wide variety of frozen berries in the freezer.  Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are high in antioxidants which help to prevent premature aging!

To liquefy my smoothie I usually add almond milk.  One cup contains only 60 calories and amazing flavor!  You can also just use water or skim milk.

For extra protein you can add the recommended amount of protein powder of your choice to your smoothie.  I personally add all natural no sugar added peanut butter to get my protein.  I love peanut butter in any way, shape or form.

Make extra for those days when you’re running late by freezing your smoothie in muffin pans.  Once they are frozen let them sit for a couple of minutes and then pop them out with a butter knife into a plastic zip lock bag.  Keep them on hand in the freezer for quick easy access to blend later.


Lastly… if you can splurge on a high quality blender, it makes all the difference!  I have the Ninja® Professional Blender and LOVE it! Power (Watts) is so very important in a good blender. This one has 1,000 watts of power which is fantastic for the price. I found mine on sale for only $89.00. We love this blender mainly for two reasons: 1) The generous 72-ounce pitcher is big enough to make smoothies for the entire family to have one or two glasses. 2) This blender can make just about anything turn into mush in seconds.

I hope that you are able to reap the health and beauty benefits of mine and my family’s healthy smoothie! Enjoy!


Principles for Healthy Hair

Nutrition For Healthy Hair Part Three

A Healthy Hair Perspective From Jennifer Jordan, A Seattle Area Certified Nutritionist

Don’t miss the previous two articles by Jennifer: Part One: A Healthy Body and Healthy Hair and Part Two: Holistic Solutions to Hair Health Concerns

Universal Principles for Healthy Hair

  • Take a food-based (no synthetics!) daily multi-vitamin.  My top pick is Garden of Life Vitamin Code.
  • Fat is your friend!  Use a variety of cold-pressed oils (olive, hemp, sesame) to dress your salads, enjoy ground flax in smoothies, and snack on mineral rich nuts and seeds.  Don’t forget coconut oil, which is an important medium-chain fatty acid, and probably deserves a blog post all of its own!
  • Taste the Rainbow:  To ensure you get a wide range of nutrients, aim to fill your plate with foods from every color of the rainbow.
  • Steer clear of processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and these 5 nutrition no-no’s:  When you see “enriched”, “bleached”, “hydrogenated”, “sugar”, or any word you don’t recognize on a nutrition label…put it back on the shelf!
  • Perform seasonal nutritional cleanses to clear your body of toxins:  This does not = drink cayenne pepper & maple syrup for 40 days.  Be smart. A true cleanse comes from the produce department and is not found in any box, supplement store, or on any celebrity website.
  • Get your sweat on:  Keep your lymph system clear, circulation going, and stress down by getting your sweat on 4-5 times per week.

Last but not least, genetics can definitely play a role in your hair health, specifically in terms of balding and premature graying.  In other words, check out your family hair-health history before you consult your physician.  I hope you enjoyed these healthy-hair tips.  With sound nutrition, and a little glam from the team at Carolann’s, I know you’ll have the hair of your dreams in no time!

To your GLOW!
Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the Chief Exercise Officer at For the Glow, and is a women’s fitness expert, certified nutritionist (holistic, raw, sports) and detox specialist. 

Jennifer teaches fitness & nutrition classes in the Seattle area, and is an online coach to clients around the globe. 

For more healthy living tips, or to contact Jennifer, visit

Holistic Solutions to Hair Health Concerns

Nutrition For Healthy Hair Part Two

A Healthy Hair Perspective From Jennifer Jordan, A Seattle Area Certified Nutritionist

For Part One of This Article By Jennifer Jordan Click Here: A Healthy Body and Healthy Hair 

The Top 3 Concerns + Holistic Solutions:

#1 Premature Graying
Premature graying is caused by a nutrient deficiency, usually surrounding B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and trace minerals.


  • Mucuna Pruriens: This superfood is high in the enzyme catalase, which is what prevents your hair from turning gray.  It is also significantly high in human growth hormone, which is your body’s natural anti-aging fighter!
  • Real Sea Salt:  Sea salt (not to be confused with table salt) contains over 80 trace minerals.  I recommend my nutrition clients to put a pinch of sea salt in every liter of H20 they drink.  Not only will the trace minerals boost your hair health, but it will also provide you with superior hydration and a metabolic boost.
  • Bee Pollen:  Bee = B Vitamins!  Bee pollen is packed with B vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and is known in many cultures as “the fountain of youth”.  To assist with seasonal allergies, seek out local bee pollen (found at most health food stores).
  • Ground flax seeds:  Ground flax seeds are the most superior way to take a flax nutritional supplement as it is the only form that contains anti-cancer phytoestrogens.  (This is SO important for women!) Flax is high in the essential fatty acid ALA (alphalinolenic acid), and is best when found in organic + sprouted form.

#2 Hair Loss
Hair loss can be the result of malnourishment and clogging of the hair follicle.  Hair loss is also caused by weakened kidney function, which as we learned above is directly related to the cleanliness & circulation of our blood.


  • To maintain a healthy follicle, eliminate mucus-forming foods such as: pasteurized dairy products, gluten, meat, and cooked oils.  For cooking on high heat, only coconut oil should be used.
  • To purify your blood, chlorophyll is a must!  Chlorophyll is one of the most valuable nutritional compounds found in the green leaves of plants and grasses. It is almost identical to hemoglobin, the compound in our bodies that transports oxygen in the blood.  Remember oxygen rich blood = Improved circulation, balanced ph and healthy kidney function!   Chlorophyll is instantly available to your body when taken in liquid form.  The easiest way to get your fix?  Cruise into your local juice bar for a double shot of wheatgrass!

#3 Dry & Damaged Hair
Dry & damaged hair relates to nutritional deficiencies (see #2), but can also be traced to a lack of sulfur in the body.  Sulfur is one of the most important mineral compounds, and is known to be one of the most beautifying food nutrients in the world. Sulfur plays an integral role in cellular detoxification, collagen production (buh-bye botox), hair, skin and nails.  Sulfur helps our body to build keratin, which translate to lustrous hair.


  • Consume foods rich in sulfur, such as:  Spirulina, bee pollen, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, garlic, hemp seeds, kale, mustard leaves, cauliflower, onions, pumpkin seeds, radishes and watercress.
  • Take MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) supplements, which is an organic form of sulfur.  Consult your holistic healthcare provider for specific recommendations.

Part Three of this article will include Universal Principles for Healthy Hair!

To your GLOW!
Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the Chief Exercise Officer at For the Glow, and is a women’s fitness expert, certified nutritionist (holistic, raw, sports) and detox specialist. 

Jennifer teaches fitness & nutrition classes in the Seattle area, and is an online coach to clients around the globe. 

For more healthy living tips, or to contact Jennifer, visit

A Healthy Body and Healthy Hair

Nutrition For Healthy Hair Part One

A Healthy Hair Perspective From Jennifer Jordan, A Seattle Area Certified Nutritionist

When I see clients for nutritional consultations one of the first things I analyze is hair health.  Hair & fingernails are two areas of the body that are the last to receive nutrients.  In fact, unless your body has a surplus of nutrients, your hair and nails will go without.  When a client comes to me with dull, lackluster hair, I know she is nutrient deficient without even seeing her food journal.   In western medicine unhealthy hair is usually brushed off (no pun intended) as a concern related to vanity.  However as a holistic nutritionist, I see it as a serious underlying imbalance within the body.  From brittle hair to premature graying or hair loss, nutrition can play a huge role in restoring your hair to a vibrant and healthy condition.  Not to mention, improving your nutrition to achieve a gorgeous mane will also give you a gorgeous body to match!  Along with improved energy, a strong immune system and superior health!

The Top 3 Areas of Your Body that Pertain to Hair Health:

The Lymphatic System
My nutrition guru David Wolfe says, “Hair is an agricultural crop that has its roots in lymphatic soil beneath the skin.  The most important aspect of rehabilitating hair is to cleanse, purify, and nourish the body, blood, and lymphatic system”.  Translation:  Exercise to stimulate your lymph system, go for regular massages (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) and perform seasonal cleanses to rid your body of toxins.

In traditional Chinese medicine, thinning hair suggests kidney weakness.  The kidneys perform many functions in your body, but primarily work to keep your blood clean and chemically balanced.  Translation:  The kidneys are responsible for clearing out the waste in our blood that occurs from our food intake.  By consuming a natural foods, organic, plant-based diet we can reduce the stress on this important organ.

Ph Levels
ph balance is the measure of acidity in our body, and dictates the amount of oxygen in our blood.  An ideal ph level for the human body is somewhere between 7.0-7.5.  A shift below this (acidic) puts our body into a vulnerable position, making our cells porous and susceptible to disease.   Translation:  Acidic states cause premature aging and a weakened immune system.  By shifting our diet to one that is rich in alkaline-forming foods, we can maintain healthy and stable ph levels.

Part Two of this article will include Holistic Solutions to the Top Three Hair Healthy Concerns!

To your GLOW!
Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the Chief Exercise Officer at For the Glow, and is a women’s fitness expert, certified nutritionist (holistic, raw, sports) and detox specialist. 

Jennifer teaches fitness & nutrition classes in the Seattle area, and is an online coach to clients around the globe. 

Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes everything, including your hair! It is most common for pregnant woman to experience thicker hair during pregnancy and thinning hair after pregnancy. My experience runs true to what is most common for pregnant woman. During my pregnancy I experience an increase in hair and nail growth. Hair that I normally would have lost due to regular hair loss cycles is prevented from falling out by a higher level of hormones.  I’ve got to enjoy noticeably thicker hair for the nine months of pregnancy.  However, some women experience the opposite such as thinning, breakage and dryness.

If this is you be of good cheer, there are ways to win the battle with a little extra love and knowledge. For dryness be sure to use a good conditioner and deep condition more often at the salon. My personal favorite product line when pregnant is Pureology.  All of their products use natural ingredients and their conditioners are very rich and full of nutrients.  A little goes a long ways.  You definitely get your money’s worth.

Unfortunately, breakage is very hard to prevent. Styling products, however work well to hide the evidence of hair breakage. I would recommend a dry pomade or a light hairspray. Be careful in choosing your hair products and make sure you consult your stylist to get the right product for your specific hair type.  Having healthy hair can help with hair breakage. A healthy diet leads to healthy hair. Pack your diet with foods rich in protein, iron, essential fatty acids and vitamin E.  Try to take control of your caffeine and sugar intake.  Both can be detrimental to the health of your hair  if not enjoyed in moderation.

The biggest and most common complaint I hear from my new mother clients is hair loss after giving birth.  About five months after giving birth to my children is when I have noticed my hair falling out. Not just a little extra hair in my brush or on my clothes, but handfuls every day.  Shocking amounts of hair fall out daily.  All of that extra hair I had during my pregnancy went down the drain, literally. It felt as though my hair was thinner than before I got pregnant, but this is only because I just had nine months of extra thick hair.  Don’t be alarmed, these changes are normal for pregnant woman. The state of your hair will generally return to its previous state within six months after it stops falling out initially.  Having the hair grow back is absolutely wonderful and relieving, but I’ve experienced frustration because of the halo of fuzz (baby hair) that surrounds my whole head until the new hair is long enough to behave and lay flat.  When this happens to you, don’t freak out, it’s natural and is only a short season!  Do not forget to seek council from your personal stylist on tricks and products.

Cheers to being a mom, babies, vanity and hormones!

Is Your Hair Aging You?

Hair Tips To Look Younger

Most of us are constantly trying to turn back the clock on how old our faces look from sunspots to wrinkles, but did you know there’s another age giveaway that could use more attention? Hair is another big indicator of a person’s age. As women age their hair and scalp is affected by life’s tribulations causing dryness, dullness, thinning and some women get stuck on an out of date hairstyle. The good news is that there are things you can do with your hair to help make you look younger. Come read our newest page that offers hair tips to look younger!

Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair

The old adage “you are what you eat” has never been truer than when it comes to your hair. Hair is literally made up of proteins that are processed from your body and used as building blocks. Those proteins are converted into the needed genetic material to repair, replace, and reproduce everything your body needs to run efficiently and healthy. Nothing can throw a wrench into the works quicker than following fad diets. The first sign that something has gone wrong will always appear in your hair first.

The reason those diets are popular is because everyone wants results NOW, and are not willing to do it the healthy way. You don’t have to eat the entire table, or double your calories to save your hair, but you do need to make sure that certain items are included in your diet. Simple changes to restore your hair and keep your body healthy in the process. Want quick results? Get off your butt and exercise.

For healthy hair, one of the best foods to eat is salmon. Relatively inexpensive, and chock full of the vitamins and proteins your body needs to thrive. Dark green leafy vegetables are next on the list for eating hair healthy. Spinach, Swiss chard or broccoli can produce the entire daily requirement of needed vitamins in just one serving a day. Lentils and beans, once a week, will also provide the protein your hair needs. Including them with the dark greens makes for a simple salad that will not have you tipping the scale.

Rounding out the list are nuts, quick and easy snacks like walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans and almonds. They are important because of the zinc they contain, which will retard hair loss through shedding. Chicken is another great source of protein, as is eggs, none of which are going to cause you to gain weight, and combined with whole grains, can easily rebuild your hair into what it once was before you started the fad diet.

To sum up, the best thing you can do for your hair is to follow a balanced diet of lean proteins, like chicken, salmon, beef and lamb, fruits and dark leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes, and low-fat dairy. Combined with a decent exercise regimen, you will lose the weight you want, but in a healthy and hair happy way.

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