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New Year, New You at a Great Salon

Each New Year presents an opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months and possibly more importantly to looking forward into the coming year. We resolve to be different or to do different. Typically most New Year resolutions have to do with these three things: relationships, health and finances. A New Year can mean a New You!

Most salon businesses experience a spike in appointments right after the turn of the year as many people want to bring in the New Year looking and feeling their best. As you begin to walk out the New You that you have resolved to be, we would like to share with you some of the benefits a personal salon experience can have.

1. Relationship – Hairstylists have the potential to be a woman’s best friend! When you find a hairstylist that you love, we strongly suggest that you commit yourself to that stylist. So much good can come from a loyal client/hair stylist relationship. Not only will your stylist be able to monitor your hair’s health and become familiar with it to be able to give you great service every time, but also you can develop a satisfying friendship full of laughter and encouragement with your hairstylist. On this website we’ve tried to put into words just how different C. Joy Salon is. Carolann has made people and relationships the salons number one priority. With this in focus throughout her career some of her best relationships are through the salon. This year enjoy the benefit of having your lifelong hairstylist!

2. Your Soul’s Health – Decide today that you are worth every penny spent at the salon. You deserve to look and feel your best in 2011! Coming to a high quality salon will refresh, renew and rejuvenate your soul! This year leave the salon with professionally designed hair, build your confidence and reward yourself!

3. Your Hair’s Health – Going to the salon regularly can really help to improve your hair’s health. Over the counter coloring kits are very harsh on your hair because of the high strength developer and bleached used. A professional hairstylist will mix and apply only a hair coloring formula that your hair can handle. Your hairstylist being familiar with your hair can inform you of the best products to use to help improve your hair’s health. Professional salon products are formulated with only the absolute best ingredients that promote hair health and help to make your hair color last. Lastly a regular haircut can help to keep split ends off and help your hair to always look salon fresh!

4. Finances – Adding point four to this blog was questionable, we admit it. Hair salon services can be pricey. Some feel that hair salon services are a luxury item while others feel it is a bare necessity. As you analyze your finances this New Year we suggest that you look at the total value a professional high quality hair salon can give. If a salon meant, strong relationship, feeling valued and cherished, being listened too, being refreshed inside and out, rewarding yourself, great service, healthy hair, looking your best, feeling confidence and perhaps enjoying one too many cookies, isn’t that priceless?

This New Year, remember that your professional hairstylist has an education and years of experience and that she is the best person to look after your hair’s health and overall appearance. Happy New Year and a Happy New You!

We would love to hear what your New Year resolutions are – beauty, or non-beauty… Share below!

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