2016 Hair Trends

This year at C. Joy Salon we are seeing a lot of color! Anywhere from pretty pastels to beautiful bright bold happy colors to metallic tones such as; silver, rose gold, platinum and titanium. Our clients of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and style are breaking outside the box and trying something new and beautiful. The C. Joy Staff has so much fun transcending the norm of hair color. This colorful journey in hair fashion is amazing as it’s given both the stylists and clients of C. Joy Salon an outlet to express their artistic side of their soul.

To accompany these beautiful new colors we’d like to suggest dressing up your hair with accessories. We are accumulating a wide range of hair accessories like; head bands both soft and hard, bobby pins, fashion hats, clip in hair extensions, hair ties, bridal hair accessories, and beautiful jewels. We are happy to show you how to wear them and give a few tips.

Don’t be afraid to adventure out of your normal natural hair color and style. Have some fun and express your individuality.


Warm to Cool Hair Tones

Have you ever had a hard time knowing the difference between “warm” and “cool” tones? Our stylist love educating clients who are curious to know. Just ask us, we’d be happy to explain. We always do our best to make sure we are on the same page as our clients.

Here is a picture of a recent C. Joy Salon client where Heidi took her hair from a warm golden blonde to a beautiful cool toned blonde.

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Redken Symposium 2013

We had a fantastic time adventuring out as a team together in Las Vegas at the Redken Symposium show. We learned new color formulations, color techniques on a new settle Ombre, color blocking, foil placements and top hits on styling. Here is a video recap of our trip:

About Ombré, From Ashley

Ombré Hair

My favorite hairstyle right now is the Ombré. It’s when your hair color starts out with the darkest shade on top and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. The great thing about the Ombré style is you can be as trendy as you want or tone it down to a very subtle glamorous look.  Many celebrities have an Ombré from Jessica Biel to Drew Barrymore.  My clients’ favorite part about this look is the low maintenance.  It requires touching up the roots every six to eight weeks.  For extra health and sheen I suggest adding a gloss to your touch up appointments. An Ombré is perfect for some one needs a low maintenance hair style and still wants to have the latest look. To glam up this color just add some loose BoHo waves with the appropriate sized curling iron for your length of hair.

You can learn more about Ashley on her hairstylist page!

Is Your Hair Aging You?

Hair Tips To Look Younger

Most of us are constantly trying to turn back the clock on how old our faces look from sunspots to wrinkles, but did you know there’s another age giveaway that could use more attention? Hair is another big indicator of a person’s age. As women age their hair and scalp is affected by life’s tribulations causing dryness, dullness, thinning and some women get stuck on an out of date hairstyle. The good news is that there are things you can do with your hair to help make you look younger. Come read our newest page that offers hair tips to look younger!

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