Back to Your Natural Hair Color

A new client called with a question.

She is attempting to grow her color out to her natural color. She has 2-3 inches of new growth that is her brown natural color and blonde previously highlighted ends. She is curious if we would be able to match her natural color, or blend her color to look more natural as it starts to grow out. She asked what the process would be and asked for a tip to keep her hair looking fresh and clean.

Eventually, ladies who like to color their hair will have this same question! It is a common question.

Going back to your natural color can be a long and not too cute process. It can sometimes be an emotional undertaking with a few tears shed along the way. There are ways to make this task a prettier one! The best way to tackle this situation is to feather low light as close to natural color as possible to soften the line of demarcation. This is simply the line where the natural hair ends and the colored hair starts. Feathering low lights will give you the look of being in the sun. Ombre is a look that lots of women are paying for. This is where the roots and some of the mid shaft is a darker, richer color and the ends are lighter. Demi-permanent color or a gloss is another option to help with this transition. Keep in mind that some woman have a natural hair color that is not flattering with their skin tone. Your C.Joy stylist can help you with this and suggest alternatives such as a warmer version of your natural shade!

Once you have had your color service it is very important to protect your investment, by using color safe shampoo and conditioner. When your hair has been lightened the color tends to fade quicker, due to porosity of hair and dryness. A leave in conditioner will help lock color in and protect from UV rays as well as heat. This is key to keeping rich, shiny, happy hair!

Finally, as you settle into your natural color, consider other changes to your hair and lifestyle. Perhaps add layers where you once had highlights, maybe taking up a new hobby, or begin an exercise routine. Going back to your natural color is a reinvention of yourself. In a way, it is going back and accepting the old you. It is an opportunity to find a new sparkle of joy in an old place!

If you are interested in going back to natural, your C.Joy stylist would be happy to help you with this change!

About Ombré, From Ashley

Ombré Hair

My favorite hairstyle right now is the Ombré. It’s when your hair color starts out with the darkest shade on top and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. The great thing about the Ombré style is you can be as trendy as you want or tone it down to a very subtle glamorous look.  Many celebrities have an Ombré from Jessica Biel to Drew Barrymore.  My clients’ favorite part about this look is the low maintenance.  It requires touching up the roots every six to eight weeks.  For extra health and sheen I suggest adding a gloss to your touch up appointments. An Ombré is perfect for some one needs a low maintenance hair style and still wants to have the latest look. To glam up this color just add some loose BoHo waves with the appropriate sized curling iron for your length of hair.

You can learn more about Ashley on her hairstylist page!

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