Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes everything, including your hair! It is most common for pregnant woman to experience thicker hair during pregnancy and thinning hair after pregnancy. My experience runs true to what is most common for pregnant woman. During my pregnancy I experience an increase in hair and nail growth. Hair that I normally would have lost due to regular hair loss cycles is prevented from falling out by a higher level of hormones.  I’ve got to enjoy noticeably thicker hair for the nine months of pregnancy.  However, some women experience the opposite such as thinning, breakage and dryness.

If this is you be of good cheer, there are ways to win the battle with a little extra love and knowledge. For dryness be sure to use a good conditioner and deep condition more often at the salon. My personal favorite product line when pregnant is Pureology.  All of their products use natural ingredients and their conditioners are very rich and full of nutrients.  A little goes a long ways.  You definitely get your money’s worth.

Unfortunately, breakage is very hard to prevent. Styling products, however work well to hide the evidence of hair breakage. I would recommend a dry pomade or a light hairspray. Be careful in choosing your hair products and make sure you consult your stylist to get the right product for your specific hair type.  Having healthy hair can help with hair breakage. A healthy diet leads to healthy hair. Pack your diet with foods rich in protein, iron, essential fatty acids and vitamin E.  Try to take control of your caffeine and sugar intake.  Both can be detrimental to the health of your hair  if not enjoyed in moderation.

The biggest and most common complaint I hear from my new mother clients is hair loss after giving birth.  About five months after giving birth to my children is when I have noticed my hair falling out. Not just a little extra hair in my brush or on my clothes, but handfuls every day.  Shocking amounts of hair fall out daily.  All of that extra hair I had during my pregnancy went down the drain, literally. It felt as though my hair was thinner than before I got pregnant, but this is only because I just had nine months of extra thick hair.  Don’t be alarmed, these changes are normal for pregnant woman. The state of your hair will generally return to its previous state within six months after it stops falling out initially.  Having the hair grow back is absolutely wonderful and relieving, but I’ve experienced frustration because of the halo of fuzz (baby hair) that surrounds my whole head until the new hair is long enough to behave and lay flat.  When this happens to you, don’t freak out, it’s natural and is only a short season!  Do not forget to seek council from your personal stylist on tricks and products.

Cheers to being a mom, babies, vanity and hormones!

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