About Facial Peels, Scrubs And Exfoliants

Facial Peels, Scrubs And Exfoliants

Peels, Scrubs and Exfoliants for your face

Scrubs and exfoliants are generally formulated with a creamy base that contains fine grainy elements. The finer grains, the more efficient it is in exfoliating the face as it lifts out dirt particles that clog the pores.

Dermatologists recommend using peels, exfoliant and scrubs once a week to deeply clean the pores.

Fine granule exfoliants are gentler on the face than those with larger granules that can irritate or scratch your skin. Peels are generally applied and left on the face to dry for approximately 15 minutes or so before peeling them off. Choose mild peels to avoid irritation.

When problems arise during the use of these products, stop their use and immediately consult a dermatologist.

Next time you visit C. Joy Salon ask our guest coordinator to have one of our estheticians recommend a skin care product that is right for your skin type!

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