New Skin Care Service FSD Microphototherapy

C. Joy Salon Brings on FSD Microphototherapy

In an effort to provide clients with the latest technology in facial skin treatment, C. Joy Salon, is now offering FSD Microphototherapy, a anti-aging service which homogenizes skin tone, increases skin elasticity and decreases pore size. The decision to add FSD Microphototherapy by Radiancy to the spa side of C. Joy Salon was an easy decision when considering the results our clients would enjoy. FSD Microphototherapy, which homogenizes skin tone, increases skin elasticity and decreases pore size treats sun spots, age spots, and helps clients maintain healthy skin. FSD Microphototherapy gives off gentle pulses of heat energy that work under the skin to provide results that have been clinically proven. The treatment has also been known to create a natural radiance after a single treatment.

To learn more about the anti-aging skin care treatment and to view pricing, please visit our new Microphototherapy website page.

October Product of the Month

Handmade Natural Body Care by Nieves

Nieves Skin Products

By Nieves is an amazing company who creates natural, handmade body care products designed to pamper and indulge your skin in pure luxury.  All of the products in this line are 100% natural, vegan and organic. Treat your skin to a little love by using By Nieves. You deserve it!

Nieves skin care includes “The Balm” for hair or skin dryness, the “Cloud of Protection” antibacterial spray, “Face Fix” soothing exfoliant, “C Perfect Skin” moisturizing formula, and our “Dabble Bag”, a sample pack of the full Nieves skin care line!

Check out the reviews By Nieves has on Yelp.

OCTOBER ONLY: Receive 50% OFF any full sized By Nieves product with the purchase of a dabble bag!

Dabble Bag

This cute screen printed cotton bag includes a travel size Cloud of Protection and trial sizes of The Balm, Bath Salt, Face Fix and “C” Perfect Skin. Includes some sassy instructions to encourage the enjoyment of all five of the goodies. A great stocking stuffer or starter pack.

I am forever grateful to have discovered By Nieves. I love what their company strives for and their commitment to being natural.  It’s one of the best product lines I’ve ever used.

Get yourself some at your next appointment!

About Facial Peels, Scrubs And Exfoliants

Facial Peels, Scrubs And Exfoliants

Peels, Scrubs and Exfoliants for your face

Scrubs and exfoliants are generally formulated with a creamy base that contains fine grainy elements. The finer grains, the more efficient it is in exfoliating the face as it lifts out dirt particles that clog the pores.

Dermatologists recommend using peels, exfoliant and scrubs once a week to deeply clean the pores.

Fine granule exfoliants are gentler on the face than those with larger granules that can irritate or scratch your skin. Peels are generally applied and left on the face to dry for approximately 15 minutes or so before peeling them off. Choose mild peels to avoid irritation.

When problems arise during the use of these products, stop their use and immediately consult a dermatologist.

Next time you visit C. Joy Salon ask our guest coordinator to have one of our estheticians recommend a skin care product that is right for your skin type!

How To Care For Your Skin

One tip for answering how to care for your skin is to regularly cleanse your skin. Cleansing the skin is essential, since grease, grime and pollution adhere to your skin and clog the pores, every time your body rids itself of toxins through perspiration.

Redmond Facial ProviderIf you do not thoroughly cleanse your skin, it will look ruddy and un-healthy and can result in minor skin irritations and problems.  Your skin type is determined by your age, sex, genes and environment. How you take care of your skin will show on your hands, face and body. It is never too late or too early to start caring for your skin – to accomplish that glow that enhances your beauty.

Here Are Tips For Choosing The Correct Cleanser For Your Skin:

  • Shiny and oily skin that is susceptible to pimples and other blemishes should be cleansed by using a “foaming wash”: this offers a clean after using and will not strip your skin of its natural, beneficial oils.
  • Dry skin, with a tight feeling, no shine and no open pores, should be cleansed with“cleansing milk” which is formulated for dry skin. Dry skin needs a gentle cleansing formula that will add moisture and replace lost oil in the skin that is replenished by most cleansing milks.
  • Combination skin refers to skin having an oily “T zone”, meaning the forehead, mouth, chin and nose. This area of the skin normally has large and open pores and the cheeks are generally normal or dry. Use a cleansing gel to clean your face as will cleanse your skin gently and will not leave your skin harsh and dry after cleansing.
  • Mature skin or skin that which is losing its “elasticity”. With this type of skin, facial lines will be apparent on the skin’s surface the skin tends to be very dry. A vitamin “E” rich “cleansing milk” will be perfect for this skin type, it provides nourishment for your skin.

Contact us for a free skin evaluation from our expert estheticians: 425-869-1492

Youthful Skin With Preventive Skin Care

Anti-aging is no longer just about reducing fine lines and minimizing wrinkles. The trick of a healthy and youthful looking face for years to come lies in skin that is hydrated, evenly toned, textured and supple.

Preventive skin care maintenance is finally starting to be recognized as a very important component in protecting and preserving the skin early in life, in order for it to look and stay healthy at an older age. It is very important to start using a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer as well as other skin care habits, like a regular professional facial, as early as in your 20s.

No two people are alike in their needs and wants for skin care, but we know that all of us want services and products that address all seven signs of aging: dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, large pores, and loss of elasticity and fullness.
Facelogic Skin Care Spa Monthly Facial Program benefits
At C. Joy Salon we offer professional skin care at an affordable price.  Our skin care clients receive high quality facials, peels and other skin care treatments, in addition to education and home care.

Call C. Joy Salon today to schedule your skin care consultation and an appointment for a  facial specifically designed for your skin. 425.577.6232

MOR Skin Care Line

MOR Cosmetics


Skincare Line by MOR

I’m loving our new line of body products and candles by MOR! If you’re not familiar with MOR Cosmetics, you should be! Visually the line is beautiful – the packaging, the colors, the baroque-style logo. Created in Australia, sold all over the world, MOR is best known for it’ s luxurious products in beautiful packaging, the line is gorgeous inside and out. This skincare product line is simply fantastic.

Body Butter

My fave, the body butter. Your entire body will feel oh so soft, it’s rich and creamy and easily absorbed. Your skin will drink it up, thank you, and definelty ask for MOR!

We have a variety of body butters, candles, perfumes, and lip macaroons. My favorite scent we carry is the Honey Nectar. It has a sweet scent of brown sugar followed with soft after notes of almond milk.

The body crèmes and lotions have shea butter and coconut oil which is very very hydrating for the skin. Next time you are in try one of our test products that we have on display.  You will see that the lotions are rich and creamy (but not greasy) leaving your skin oh-so soft. Yes… it is just that good!

Perfect for the cold months coming up!

Want to try this amazing line?


We are going to giveaway one MOR Lip Macron randomly.

MOR Lip Macron – Treat your lips to a kiss of moisture! Filled with Vitamin E, Beeswax and other hydrating properties, this nourishing confection creates deliciously sweet lips! $10.00 Value

To enter the contest there are two simple steps: 1) click the Facebook like button on the top right side of this blog post. 2) Leave a comment on this post. We will randomly choose one winner on September 26th! If you win, you can pick up your MOR Lip Macron at your next appointment!

10 Tips for Clean Skin


face washingYou wash your face in the morning and evening, but are you careful to keep it clean during the day? Here’s how:

1. Keep your hands away from your face. Touching or picking blemishes can cause them to rupture and spread bacteria and can even create permanent scarring.

2. Wash your makeup brushes once a week. Bacteria can build up and then transfer to your skin.

3. Drink green tea and water to detoxify and hydrate your skin from the inside out.

4. Always shower or  wash your face after working out. Sweat and bacteria can congest your pores.

5. Shield your forehead when using hairspray.

6. Before applying makeup, always wash your hands.

7. Learn to manage stress, since it produces chemicals that harm your body and skin.

8. Maintain regular monthly facials for deep cleaning.

9. Choose makeup and skincare products labeled “noncomedogenic.” They won’t clog your pores, so your skin can breathe.   

10. Change your pillowcase often.


Tips for Great Summer Skin!

Tips for Great Summer Skin

1.    Exfoliate! It’s important to exfoliate the surface of your skin to reveal your fresh skin cells. Exfoliation removes dead dull skin debris to prevent congestion and improves penetration of moisturizers and serums.

2.    Water Water Water! Keep yourself hydrated. Your skin and most importantly your entire body needs water to stay healthy and hydrated.

3.    Moisturize! Keep your epidermis hydrated with a moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin use an oil free moisturizer or a hydrating booster with hyaluronic acid.

4.    Sunscreen! Apply sunscreen and then re-apply sunscreen. Re-apply every 2 hours. Applying once for the entire day does not cut it especially during the midday sun where the UV rays are the strongest.

5.    Soothe! If you did get sunburned or even pink, soothe! Soothing balms, aloe vera will help. Also using cooler water in the shower will help keep your skin less dehydrated.

Benefits of a Monthly Facial

A monthly facial will boost the production of your skin’s collagen which forces fine lines and impurities to fade. Your skin will be detoxified of the harmful every day venoms our environment and products leave behind. Innermost layers of your skin will be replenished with the nutrients it longs for which leaves you with smooth, youthful glowing skin. Not to mention your soul will be rejuvenated by the soothing “me downtime”.

Come visit our facial page for more information!

Winter Skin

Our skin changes all the time due to climate, stress, nutrition and so on. The best thing we can do to help our skin is a good skin care routine.

These are your basic steps to healthy skin.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Moisturize.

Cleansing not only removes our makeup at the end of the day but also removes dirt and pollutants from the air. I love, love, love the Pre-cleanse from Dermalogica. It uses Olive and Apricot Kernel oils leaving skin un-stripped of the important oils our skin needs, especially in the winter to stay healthy and balanced. Dry chapped skin is uncomfortable. There are two simple steps that can help prevent this. Exfoliate and Moisturize!

Exfoliating is important especially in the winter months when our skin can become sluggish and flakey. Exfoliating removes the surface dead cells allowing your moisturizer to really protect and nourish the fresh skin cells.

I look forward to our new facial services coming this Spring! Helping clients feel relaxed and refreshed is exciting. Teaching clients how to improve their skin and over time seeing the improvements is so rewarding!

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