A 2012 Luxury: Body Waxing

Over the last few years as the economy has slowed to a stressing pace, many American’s have cut back on their nonessential luxury life style. Whether it is first class or a private plane, a yacht or a fancy restaurant, many of America’s “Luxuries” have taken a significant hit in today’s economy. Consumers are finding themselves redefining what luxury is. Luxury is becoming subjective. In the past, luxury meant “Buying Big” or “Expensive Name Brands”, but in today’s world, luxury is seen as buying the things you want regardless of size or brand. Even a small purchase can be considered luxury if it makes you feel something you want. American’s are making purchase decisions in a more personal way, focused less on size, brands, or what others may think and more about how it makes them feel.

Is Body Waxing a new luxury? For many, ‘Laser Hair Removal’ used to be that “Luxury” must have that costs thousands of dollars. In today’s economy ‘Laser Hair Removal’ is nonessential for most. With shaving being a time consuming daily task that is laborsome, ‘Body Waxing’ presents itself as a small treat that many women are enjoying. Thousands of dollars less expensive than laser hair removal, and less time consuming than daily shaving, waxing is an excellent alternative method of hair removal. For weeks your confidence level will be soaring as your skin is effortlessly smooth. Sure body waxing is a little more expensive then daily shaving, but it removes one thing you dislike about yourself and leaves you feeling comfortable in your own skin. In today’s economy, feeling confident and happy is a luxury in itself. Body waxing is your smooth indulgent start to 2012.


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