How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Intriguing questions indeed!  Some people ask if they are tied on. Others ask if they are bonded like some types of hair extensions. Eyelash Extensions are neither tied nor bonded to your natural eyelashes, because it would be very difficult if not impossible due to their very fine and tiny size.

So, how are eyelash extensions applied? Waterproof adhesive is the only way to apply eyelash extensions to your natural eyelashes. Black, waterproof adhesive or glue is bar none the most popular as it gives the convincing illusion of perfect mascara. No clumping. No put on-take off daily routine. This black adhesive combined with your natural lash and synthetic lashes is the perfect semi-permanent mascara! Of course there are different adhesive grades available depending on what you are comfortable using.  This will range pharmaceutical/medical rated adhesive which is non-irritating and fume-free to glues that are fast drying and last a little longer but can be irritating to very sensitive skin.

In a quiet room with your back on the massage table you will enjoy dim lights and soft music as you lay peacefully with your eyes closed. First, your stylist will use medical grade non-stick tape and tape down your bottom eyelashes. Clients have expressed this is the biggest nausance of the whole process. Proper care is taken to do this in effort to avoid inadvertently glueing your bottom lashes to your top eyelashes. A tiny drop of black adhesive is placed on a stone. Tweezers are used to isolate an individual eyelash. The artificial eyelash extension is dipped in the medical grade adhesive then positioned on top of the natural eyelash. This process is repeated for up to 2 hours until the desired fullness of lashes is received.

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