How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Eyelash extensions prices vary from different parts of the country. Generally in today’s market, they cost anywhere from $100 to $900. Uptown Girl at Townhouse Spa in New York charges $400 for a full set. Flutter Lash Studio in Chicago charges clients a whooping $550 for a full set from a master stylist.

In addition to the initial cost one must not forget that regular up keep maintenance is required to maintain the optimal appearance of eyelash extensions. Maintenance visits are called “refills” or “touch-ups” and vary based on how many weeks it has been since the initial installation of eyelash extensions. 1 week after the install you are going to have far less natural lash shedding than if you were to go 4 weeks. We recommend that maintenance is done every 2-4 weeks. Across the country this cost can vary from $10-100 for a refill.

There is a definite financial commitment to eyelash extensions. Being blessed with naturally luscious lashes isn’t everyone’s story.  Give yourself the beautiful gift of eyelash extensions!

C. Joy Salon Eyelash Extension Pricing:

Full Lashes Set


Touch-up within 2 weeks

Touch-up within 4 weeks


Removal of Lashes




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