What Is The Application Process Like For Eyelash Extensions?


The process of getting eyelash extensions is relaxing and pain-free! Now, let us set the stage. Coming into our cozy boutique salon you will be greeted by a sweet stylist who will offer you a cup of tea or hot coffee. She will lead you to our comfy massage table. The music will be peaceful, the atmosphere uplifting. Laying down with your back on the table the simple process with a surreal payoff will begin. For the next two hours you will be laying peacefully with your eyes closed. Many clients just fall asleep as they don’t feel a thing. The lashes never touch your skin nor do the tweezers we use to install the synthetic lashes. Gently and gracefully your stylist will isolate your natural lashes one by one and apply the new eyelashes using a non-irritating adhesive. One hair at a time, for the next two hours your stylist will brush your eyelashes with tweezers until the fullness you desire is achieved! It is a completely pain free procedure. There is absolutely no discomfort or pain. We invite our clients to relax and even find a new meaning to the term “beauty sleep!”

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