De-Age Your Hair And Look Ten Years Younger

Successfully looking younger starts at the scalp. The wrong style, cut or color can actually pile on the years, making other anti-aging efforts seem pointless. Follow these few rules for a youthful, radiant look that you can thank your hair for later.


  1. Face Framing Layers – Nothing screams old and outdated like long, one length hair. Hair that’s one length (and hair that’s completely slicked back) accentuates every crease and shadow your face has to show. Loose, angled layers mask imperfections by adding vitality and bounce to your style. This moves the eye away from fine lines that otherwise would look severe.
  2. Bangs – Botox for the hair! Nothing hides brow lines, frown lines and highlights the eye area better than bangs. For an ageless look, try them long and side-swept for added texture and movement. Blunt bangs work on some faces, but it’s important to check with your stylist first.
  3. Va-Voom Your Pony –  This classic and oh-so-versatile style can also be one of your best anti-aging weapons. Try backcombing at the crown, to add volume and avoid looking flat.
  4. Easy On The Product – Too much hairspray, texturizing spray or (eek) gel, makes hair look stiff and mummified. When did the word “mummy” become synonymous with youthful? Exactly. Ease up on the spray and opt for just one wonder product that you can’t live without.
  5. Opt for Waves – Stick straight hair tends to partner up with gravity to magnify wrinkles and shadowy spots.  Waves and natural looking curls offer a youthful and vivacious look that truly screams “joie de vivre.”
  6. Say Goodbye to Single Processed Color – Rich, dark colors do their job covering grey, but they also do little to enhance your skin’s beauty. Single-processed color (especially in dark hues) drag down the face’s appearance by making the skin tone look drab and dull. With gravity to fight, who needs that? Try adding some face-framing highlights and a base color that is at least one notch lighter than your natural shade.
  7. Load up on Omegas and Avocados – Youthful hair starts with good nutrition. Eating plenty of salmon and avocados ensures that you get the kind of shine associated with younger hair.
  8. Sun Protection – As hair ages, it becomes more prone to sun damage, making once luminous locks look faded and dull. Sun wrecks the same kind of havoc on our hair, as it does our face, so spritz on a daily hair sunscreen and consider wearing an ultra-moisturizing leave- in conditioner.  Also, wide-brimmed hats are an adorable way to protect your delicate skin and hair all at the same time. Wait, who am I kidding.. we live in Seattle.
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