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Eyelash Extensions for residents of Kirkland Washington

Eyelash Extensions in Kirkland

Benefits of Kirkland

Eyelash Extensions

  • Draw attention to your eyes!
  • Waterproof! Swim and cry all you want!
  • Have amazing eyes before and after the gym!
  • Enhance your natural beauty!
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear!

Eyelash Extensions Pricing

Full Lashes Set
Returning Clients Full Lashes Set

Eyelash extensions will fall out little by little every week. To keep a full look, touch-up is recommended every 1 to 4 weeks. This will vary depending on your after-care and the shedding cycle of your own natural lashes.

Touch-up within 1 week

Touch-up within 2 weeks

Touch-up within 3 weeks


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About Our Kirkland Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions do so much to enhance your natural eyes by providing a thicker and longer natural appearance! The new enhanced look of the eyes attracts people’s attention like nothing else can. Eyelash Extensions frame the eyes to make them look more wide open which grabs people’s attention. Kirkland Eyelash Extensions are excellent for professional women who need to look their absolute best. Not everyone has the same eyelashes naturally. With Eyelash Extensions you are able to give yourself the eyelashes that nature did not give you!

At most of the leading salons in Kirkland you will find that there are various types of eyelash extensions. Lash Extensions come in different sizes and thickness. A professional technician is trained to know how to put the eyelash extensions on so that they do not damage your natural lashes. Also it is critical that your new lash extensions look natural. Everyone has different eyelashes so it is critical to go to a professional salon around Kirkland where they will know how to install the lash extensions in such a way that they appear natural. Do not put yourself through the turmoil of potentially causing damage to your eyelashes, or of wearing eyelash extensions that do not look natural. Longer, thicker and natural looking eyelash extensions are a specialty of C. Joy Salon!

When you come from Kirkland to C. Joy Salon we will give you the option to pick a shape for your eyelash extensions. We have four main shapes that our clients like. After you pick your shape we will begin the application of your eyelash extensions using professional knowledge and techniques so that you get natural looking eyelash extensions in your custom shape! Due to our professional training and knowledge we ensure that the correct selection of extension length and thickness is used based on each client’s natural eyelashes. With Kirkland Eyelash Extensions from C. Joy Salon you can now flash your luxurious lashes that appear 100% natural. The best part about these is that they are semi-permanent and remove your need to daily apply mascara.

Lash Extensions are extremely popular and are by far the most preferred method. Over-the-counter type eyelash strips are less than natural looking and must be removed frequently. Our eyelashes extensions are semi-permanent! This means that they stay in place until your natural eyelash runs its natural growing cycle and falls out. When you come from Kirkland you will find that our expert specialists take intricate care to individually place each extension on your natural eyelash hair. This process is extremely details and takes approximately 2 hours.

Each of the single eyelash strands is made from synthetic material which is curved like a natural eyelash. These are placed on your natural eyelash using a high quality, medical grade adhesive. The glue is complete safe and has an incredibly strong bond. The Kirkland Eyelash Extensions fall out when your natural eyelash falls out, not when the glue breaks down. Naturally your eyelash extensions have growing cycles. There is no reason to be alarmed when an eyelash extension falls out. Everyday your natural eyelashes are falling out. Due to the regular growing cycles of your eyelashes your extensions will require touch ups to ensure that the lashes are at their optimal appearance at all times.

The procedure of applying eyelash extensions is painless and does not cause any harm to your eyes. When you come from Kirkland to C. Joy Salon you can rest in knowing that we take utmost care to ensure that the lashes are never applied incorrectly. You will quickly fall in love with your new eyelash extensions! You will enjoy how easy they are to wear. They are virtually weight less which makes them extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Eyelash extensions are water proof which enables you to swim, shower and even exercise without them falling off. Best of all, don’t forget that you won’t have to apply mascara ever while wearing Kirkland Eyelash Extensions!

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