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Molly, Hairstylist at C. Joy Salon


It’s never too late to pursue a dream.
Begin it and the rest falls beautifully into place. ~ Molly


Molly has had a dream and is now beginning to see her dream come true as she has just embarked on a new chapter of her life. She is following a passion she has long had for art, design and fashion by becoming one of the premier hairstylists here at C.Joy Salon.

Molly met her husband while at high school in Spokane Washington and received a degree in business from Gonzaga University in Spokane. She has lived in Washington DC, Northern Califonia, Seattle and now resides in Kirkland, Washington. She followed in her daughter’s footsteps and encouragement to Evergreen Beauty College in Bellevue Washington where she graduated.

It is said that you never have to “go to work” if you are truly doing something that you love and Molly agrees with this as she feels such joy watching her client’s eyes light up when their hair service is complete and they see their reflection in the mirror for the first time!! Molly’s goal is to put 100% of her focus and attention on each of her clients so that their time at the salon becomes a bit of an escape from every day life. She wants to make her clients time a time to be pampered and treated special. She loves working with people and helping to bring out their inner beauty.

Molly has been a special inspiration personally in her school as well as in the salon and will be to each of her clients as she builds lasting relationships and gives exceptional service. Molly will show others that dreams can come true!!!


Read this Yelp review about Molly:

After realizing I was in desperate need of a haircut, I started my search for a salon. I stumbled upon C. Joy, which seemed to have favorable reviews on Yelp. I called on a Wednesday and luckily was able to make a same-day appointment. I was scheduled with Molly, the current associate, and was very pleased with my cut. I didn’t have anything drastic done, but she did a great job making my long layers apparent but not too overdone. While I usually like to have my thick hair thinned out a little, I was still satisfied with her addition of more layers instead. My perfectly-swooped bangs had grown pretty long & Molly is the only stylist I’ve had who’s been able to trim them to perfection. Usually, people cut them too short so I’m stuck in a few-week-long awkward stage. I casually mentioned that my daily routine consists of curling my hair and putting it up in rollers, so Molly went the extra mile and ran a curling iron through my locks. It looked incredible, I kept getting compliments from people throughout the day. Outside of the great cut and excellent company, I only ended up paying $30 + tip for the entire thing (associate pricing of $35 with the $5 off Yelp check-in)!

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Read another Yelp review about Molly:

I recently moved to the Seattle area and wanted to find someone I could get my hair cut regularly by for a non-astronomical price. Some ladies from C Joy were handing out coupons for $20 off or a free haircut with any color treatment. I jumped on it, and am so glad I did!

First of all, after a long day of work I was exhausted and a little out of it…I forgot my coupon. Without a second thought they said no problem and honored it! Score #1. 

Molly cut and colored my hair and was really lovely. Everyone was really friendly but not in your face, talk your ear off kind of way. I had a stack of magazines and my favorite tea in a mug made for me by Molly. It was extremely relaxing and wonderful. The ambiance is nice. Very spa like; simple yet elegant. Molly did a great job on my cut and a wonderful job on the color! It was exactly what I wanted.

By the time I left 2 hours had flown by, and it was honestly the most relaxing and pleasant 2 hours I’d had in a really long time! About 2 weeks after my cut they sent me ANOTHER coupon for the same deal, with a handwritten note! Wow! I’ve never had a salon treat me so kindly without being pushy and trying to schedule me for the rest of my life. For this, I will definitely be going back. ..this Tuesday actually! 🙂

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