Skin Care

Healthy Skin Care at C. Joy Salon

We believe that by investing time into our skin today, we can greatly affect how we look and feel in the days to come.  By taking care of your skin, you are not only taking care of your health and physical appearance, but also taking care of a piece of your soul.

Our skin treatments at C. Joy Salon are relaxing, safe, effective, and will boost the production of your skin’s collagen, which forces fine lines and impurities to fade while creating a natural healthy glow. Your skin will be detoxified of the harmful every day venom our environment and products leave behind.  We believe in stimulating the growth of new collagen in the innermost layers of your skin to reverse signs of aging.  Our handpicked and thoroughly tested products are what we believe your skin needs to be replenished with the nutrients it longs for.

For your convenience we have created separate detailed pages for each service that we offer. Here is a list of our skin care services. Click on the link to view more about each service including prices.


FSD MicroPhototherapy



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