Spray Tanning

C. Joy Salon can give you a sun-kissed glow with our custom spray tan service. Whether you are preparing for a vacation, a special event, or want a bronzed look year-round, our certified estheticians will formulate a custom shade just right for you.

Only one visit is required to achieve a golden glow. Each application lasts up to a week and requires a quick session with a C. Joy Salon individualized spray tan technician. The specialist uses an airbrush nozzle spraying the perfect amount of lotion and air giving your skin an even tone.

Spray tanning eliminates exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun and artificial lights. Our safe and effective formula utilizes dihydroxyacetone, (DHA). It is a colorless chemical derived from glycerin and interacts with your body’s dead skin cells to produce a bonze color. As the skins cells shed, so does the color.

Contact us today to help you achieve a beautiful glow with no tan lines, messy lotions, or streaks.

Each Session
15 minutes
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